Monday, December 31, 2007


One more before picture....WTF is going on here??? This is the kitchen, which extends in some sort of a "Z" pattern, and dominating essentially two rooms with unusable space. Plus the washer dryer is directly next to the refrigerator, oven and cooktop... Weird, to say the least.

Christmas was a fun holiday. We closed on the house on December 20th and began demo on the 21st. During the time the offer was accepted and the time we closed, we spent the time lining up contractors, picking vendors and generally getting the process started. Cabinets were picked and most of the appliances were ordered. We also started the process of picking out the fixtures for the master bathroom and brought down a piece of leftover granite from our master bath in 21st Ave we will reuse in one of the two bathrooms.

December 21st we had the guy who redid our hardwood floors in 21st Ave pull up the carpet, imitation laminate and mix of odd tile throughout the house. He actually got it done in two days, but then discovered the original laminate, along with the mastic. In my mind I thought, Ohhhh craaaaap, since I have read other accounts of this being a lengthy process to remove. Surprisingly, he only took another two days. We also removed the master bathroom to make way for reconfiguration and enlarging.

Brendan's folks were out for the holidays and offered to help out. Brendan and his Dad (Dennis) removed the wall in the old dining room and the coverings around the pipe on the wall that will remain/be reduced. The paneling came out in the dining room/kitchen as well to expose the old insulation. Mom (Rosemarie) did a great job on the 3BR, removing all the old wood paneling.

Brendan and Ayla (niece) came back the next day to sweep the construction site to ready it for reconstruction.

Not bad for a holiday week if I do say so myself...

View from the dining room to the main living area. Flooring is up and the separating wall is out. We're not sure if one of these beams can come out, it doesn't seem to be really supporting the beam above, as its loose (bottom and top) and not really connected other than a metal joint. A question for our contracter (who is also a structural engineer).

View back to the dining room. We left the framing from the vents mostly up, as there was a lot of electrical that needs to be removed from here as well. This is the wall that will border the kitchen island on one end.

One more view of the open living area. The paneling was removed and we found that there was a tiny bit mold that needs to be taken care of and the insulation is of an older "R" value and will be replaced with the most efficient insulation available.

Here's the old kitchen now. The window on the left will be moved closer to the camera and the new kitchen will end where the window is currently. The rest of the room will be used as the dining room now.

One of the other bedrooms. There was wood panelling on all the walls, which made a dark room darker. There is mastic on the walls, which I hope will be able to be sanded to save more drywalling. This will be a spare bedroom.

The other bedroom, which only needs a little electrical work, the beam of course and a covering a radient heat return pipe. This will be our baby's room.

The 4th bedroom, which will be used as our office. There is a sliding door in here that needs to be replaced and the window above needs to be replaced with a more efficient pane.

Hallway down the bedroom side of the house. The future office is at the end of the hallway and the two other bedrooms are to the left with the bathroom between them.

Master bathroom demo.

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