Sunday, December 30, 2007

Original listing pictures

It's got tons of potential, but three months????

Left half of the back yard. We have an orange tree on the left.

This is the second bathroom, complete with 1960 wallpaper on everything. The window is too big and allows standing water, that will have to be fixed.

The vanity view from the master bathroom. We are going to put a smaller vanity in to steal some space to enlarge the shower. The opening to the walk-in closet is off to the right here. We are going to close this up and reopen on the bedroom side to a) seal off from bathroom moisture and b) enhance the usuable closet space.

This is the view into the master bedroom. We are going to put another sliding door in where the window is to increase light and allow access to the back yard as well.

This is the living room with the old furniture. Not much changes here. You can see the separating wall into the old dining room. This will be removed to make room for the island and kitchen which will be behind it. The white beams throughout the house will be stripped and restored to the natural wood beauty. THAT, will be Brendan's project for the next few weekends.

Other side of the living room. The original Eichler paneling looks great here (just needs new paint) and we think this will be the TV area by reversing the sofa layout and having the TV on the Eichler paneled wall.

Old dining room. Cute, but dated. Its also a very small. The left wall will be reduced to half to just cover up the supporting beams and hide the drain vent.

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