Sunday, December 30, 2007

Welcome to the insane asylum

Hello everybody,

We've created this blog to chronicle the adventures of our newest house, Ollie Eichler. See, as two busy professionals in the Bay Area, we didn't have enough challenge running our busy professions, balancing friends, family, hobbies (motorcycle racing, snowboarding, climbing, etc.), manage a house in San Francisco with one rental unit.

So....we decided to start a family, yay!!!! In March, we'll be joined by a little bundle of joy.

WAIT, WTF does this have to do with a house! Well lets back up. We've been casually watching the housing market finally retreat from the nosebleed section of Candlestick here in the Bay Area. Since it was taking longer than we expected to get the baby started, we were looking up in Tahoe for a ski house, but sellers weren't really coming off their prices. So we started looking in the Bay Area too. Even got a great realtor to help us out.

Note: If you EVER need realty help in Silicon Valley, you owe it to yourself to get in touch with Kathleen Pasin She goes above and beyond what any realtor can be expected to do and we are happy to call her our friend now as well.

After a few months searching, we were ready to give up until 2008, as Lorinda was now four months pregnant. As Murphy's Law would have it, we came across an architechural gem, a beautiful Eichler home in good, but original Cupertino...on a cul de our price range.

In a declining market, we bid the ask and suprisingly got it!! The price was low for the area, house, etc., but we anticipate spending about $120,000 to make it our dream home.

So here we are, owners of an original Eichler home, in December, with three months until the baby is born, with a COMPLETE remodel to undergo. Ready....Steady...GO!!!

The next entry will be the original pictures of the home as it was listed. The dining room and the kitched have to be reversed, we're putting all new flooring in, fixing the radiant heat, enclosing the atrium to add 350 sq. feet, new roof, new windows, paint, furnish....the list is endless. Mobius strip, part deux!

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Hendrick said...

Good luck with the renovation / remodel. Make sure to give it all the TLC you can before the baby comes because you will have no time afterward!