Friday, January 25, 2008

Floor prep

We're finally starting to see some progress today. The floor has been leveled and is in the process of being waterproofed. Some of the tile was also moved inside to be readied for installation. Good thing I stopped by today though, as they stacked the tile incorrectly, which would have made them prone to breakage. They are now restacked correctly.

Also the demo for the shower wall is done and ready to be moved over ~8"

The new opening for the master walk in closet is also opened and in the process of being framed for the door.


habi said...

Hey Brandon... awesome blog.

What's is the brand of the waterproofing you've put on the floor? Can it be done before the floor is leveled?

i can cehck back on your blog... of if you can email me at that'll be great.

Habi said...

Sorry about misspelling your name... apologies.

Rambling Penelope said...

does your radiat heat work? why did you place a membrane down before tiling? my tile guy wasn't planning on this step, i am now really worried - what is the red membrane that you put down??

B. said...

Yes our radiant heat works very very well.

It was a waterproofing membrane that was painted on. Just more protection in case of a leak in the radiant system that it didn't spread everywhere under the tile. It's typlically done for hardwood floors but considing the radiant system, our contractor said it couldn't hurt.