Sunday, January 13, 2008

Got Tile?

It's been a semi productive week/weekend. Liam is almost finished with the ceiling, he just needs to come back after his vacation to Hawaii to paint the hallway ceiling. The caulking job came out great, so I think I’m going to have him caulk and paint the outside portion of the roof that overhangs the house.

Life hasn’t been all peaches and roses though, as Liam managed to walk through one of the single-paned sliding doors. Point proved on why these need to be replaced. Luckily he was not hurt, his paint can hit the glass before he did and he just got a few scrapes. Still…I am not too pleased with the door being destroyed. The slider was the door to the office though, and we were going to move the big window in the master bedroom to the office anyway; it just means that we have to order the slider for the master bedroom next week instead of later so the window can be moved earlier. Also, I was disappointed that the old vertical blinds also ended up being destroyed in the painting process. Liam had called me on Thursday, asking if he could take them down, which I agreed, but only if they were taken down with care. We were going to use them in the short-term until we decided on window coverings. Needless to say, Liam and I will have to have a bit more negotiating on final price and payment.

Ok, onto Saturday. The Porceleanosa tile has arrived and it was time to pick it up. I enlisted Nathan’s help, as two SUV’s are better than one. Even with two trucks, the order was four pallets. Nathan is looking a little incredulous here…

At 2200 lbs. each pallet, we needed to make two trips not because of space, but weight. Check out the rear suspension!! While not bottomed out, we were damn close, and every little bump in the road had us bouncing for about 100 yards, SCARY!!! We traveled pretty slow and were ok , as it was only seven miles to the house.

While we were gone, Lorinda had taken delivery from Lowes of the GE CafĂ© dishwasher. It’s a super quiet model, only 59db’s and can take a Costco sized bottle of detergent in one gulp and distribute it as needed over many washes….sweeet. Unfortunately, the refrigerator that was supposed to come with it never made it on the truck. Tuesday they tell me. (rolls eyes)

Once at the house, we now had to unload and stack the tile. We definitely got our workout for the day. We estimated each box at a little over 45 lbs. Check it out, 9,000 lbs of tile, ready for installation. Oh my aching back, LOL.

Lastly, we decided to pull the old insulation out of the dining room and kitchen. As I wrote before, we noticed a bit of mold on the wall and in the old insulation. There are a couple of cement blocks that are pushed up in the wrong direction, allowing water to drain towards the house, rather than away from the house. For the meantime, we purchased downspout extenders to channel the water away.

Once the insulation was out, we could see the areas that need to be treated and sealed. Obviously the corner of the house with the electrical panel has some issues, as there was a plant, yes a PLANT, growing in the wall…

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