Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's a Whirlpool Weekend

Not much physical progress this weekend, although it certainly seemed like we were active on the planning front. Friday our general contractor started in earnest and measured the floor to see where we need leveling in placing the tiles. We also had an electrical discussion that ended with the agreement that our panel and service would need to be upgraded from 100 amps to 200 amps in order to run the kitchen, master bath and the rest of the house with multiple computers and other various devices.

Saturday we made a quick stop at the house to drop off the Whirlpool warming drawer.

I have always wanted one of these as it makes cooking so much easier in keeping sides warm while the rest of a meal is prepared. I also think it will prove invaluable with the little one and actually being able to eat warm food. While there we also took care of the minor mold issue we had by killing it with a solution of bleach water.

The rest of Saturday we spent shopping for master bathroom items and we think we have found a few items and got explanations on what we need to purchase for the valving in the shower. The shower will be mostly Kohler, with a rainshower for me, a normal faucet for Lorinda and body tiles for both of us. We also will be installing a steam unit and have chosen Thermosol on our neighbor's recommendation and our research into the brand and its quality. The first time we are sick and use it will be worth it. Never mind just relaxing after a long day....ahhhhhh....

Sunday I was stuck working, but at least it was on the couch watching the NY Giants kill it to get into the Superbowl. Too bad I'll be traveling for work when it aires. DVR for me...

Monday we both had off from work, but had to be at the house for more deliveries. This time it was our Whirlpool 36" cooktop and double oven/microwave combo.

Appliances are almost done now, still need a hood and a frig for all our wine. The latter can wait though as we can keep our wine in SF for a while.

We also made it to Palo Alto Glass to discuss our windows and see the Eichler examples. Wow, they know their stuff. The fixed panes are set in wood and look totally frameless, just like the originals, except in double paned, low-e, tempered glass. With the fixed windows so clean, it really draws attention to the need to do the two sliding doors we'll need in the low profile aluminum frames. Yes, we'll loose some efficiency, but these doors keep the Eichler asthetic intact and keep the value of the house higher.

Last stop for the weekend was at Royalite Manufacturing, where we got the grand tour from Dez and figured out what we would need to enclose our atrium with a skylight panel. We got a lot of good info and will be ready when that project gets queued up.

Things should start to speed up now, and hopefully with the contractor working full time now we should start to see some results of all our planning in some measureable progress.

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