Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kitchen Plans

We had already ordered our kitchen cabinents prior to Christmas, but we never shared the plans.

This is the overhead view. We have since found out that one of the vertical posts on the island side dont support the load of the beam and are safe to remove. So we won't have a beam directly behind the stools of the island, yay!

This is the landscape of the outer wall, as seen without the center island.

Here is the view from the living room, with the island. You can see the wall that remains to cover up the load bearing support and the drain vent. To the left of the wall will be two, side-by-side full height pantries.

View from behind the island, facing into the living room.

View from the side of the island, looking towards the new dining room.

Last view is from the dining room facng in towards the kitchen.

Latest word is that the cabinents will be arriving in just a few weeks. I guess there is some benefit to ordering during a typical slow period for remodeling...

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