Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Midweek multitasking

Since I had to travel down to the South Bay to visit a client this morning, I took the opportunity to schedule Dura-foam roofers for an estimate. They were very professional and answered every question I had. We have Abril Roofing come next week and are still evaluating other options like a modified bitumen roof, which our contractor neighbor has on his roof. The Dura-foam contractor also had an interesting recommendation for covering the atrium with skylights. He told us to check out Royalite Manufacturing, in San Carlos. They have prebuilt skylight structures that are built at their facility. When finished the enclosure is trucked in and a crane lifts it into place in one day. Seems like a promising option, one more visit to add to the list for this weekend.

Also lookie what showed up today...the GE Cafe refigerator

Lastly, out neighbor recommended one more glass vendor Argonaut Window & Door to price, so I also had them come out this afternoon. They, like A-plus Windows are Milgard vendors, which means non-distinct vinyl windows. We already have a quote for those, so when Argonaut started hemming and hawing about the size of the Eichler windows, the installation, etc. etc., I knew they were out. We'll most likely be using Palo Alto Glass, as we were impressed with the level of knowledge and experience with Eichlers, competitive pricing and the higher quality product they explained to us. A visit to thier showroom this weekend should check off one more item that needs to be ordered many weeks in advance.


redneckmodern said...

fyi: milgard makes a low-profile aluminum window that looks great in eichlers... it's their least expensive, basic aluminum-clad unit. while not as thermally efficient as vinyl, they look lots better... and in an eichler, you've certainly more to worry about efficiency-wise than the few points that vinyl brings you (like an uninsulated roof).

B. said...

Thanks for the info. Actually the Argonaut guy mentioned those as his choice for the Eichlers.

I was just so turned off by the way the estimator was talking about everything, how hard it is, the company doesn't make fixed panes this large, etc. etc. We already have a good Milgard vendor that we've used on our previous house, who we referred family and friends and got a decent price. It's just the way the Palo Alto estimator described how they replaced Eichler windows in a single section with no added framing, and the price quoted, which was almost the same as the Milgard vendor was charging with a discount. I have to check it out, just to see. If its not what we want, we'll explore the Milgard option with the low-profile windows.

One thing's for sure, we've already proved our point how dangerous the old single pane is.

Thanks again, I've read your blog recently too.