Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ohhh Crap...Thomas Crapper that is!

Last night I was thinking about what else needed to be purchased that I could do research on. Oh yeah - toilets! Toilets always seem to be one of those items that most people don't give any thought to before purchasing and typically buyers go with a name brand that just "looks" nice. We've been guilty of it too in the past, and got lucky with our current master bath and, emm, so-so with the other two baths, even though they are the same brand.

This time I thought better, and set out to find something not only aesthetically pleasing, but also rated for good, cough, performance. Over the past few years through Lorinda and my travels, we always noticed the dual flush toilets, especially in Australia and sometimes in Europe as well. They seem to make sense, one button for #1 that uses less water and one button for #2 giving a full flush. But we never see them in the states...hmmm

A bit of research and we found the Toto Aquia™ Dual Flush Toilet, 1.6 GPF / 0.9 GPF, Model CST414M. It got very good reviews on the web (who knew there were toilet forums??? Kinda scary too!!!) and features a modern style that will go with the house, elongated skirted design, Dual-Max™ Flushing System, Oval SoftClose seat (No slamming the seat down, good for the kid later on).

Even better was that because it uses up to 35% less water than a normal toilet, I thought it might qualify as a "green" product and looked for rebates in my area. Sure enough there was a program through the county which this toilet qualifies, netting a $125 rebate per toilet (Santa Clara Rebate Program) that gets us two toilets we need for the price of one after rebates.

Sir Thomas Crapper would be proud...


Hendrick said...

How about a toilet with heated seats to my butt can be nice and toasty when I come over to take a dump? :)

B. said...

Well the floor's heated, thats as close as it's gonna get, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thanks B for research the crapper that gets a rebate. I know what crapper I'm getting for my future bathrrom.....Muffy