Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Radiant Heat Repair

2008 starts out with a visit from the local radiant heat repair. When we bought the place, Kathy recommended that Lipp Hydronics, Inc. (650-327-1943) come out to test the radiant heating system, since there wasn't much disclosures on it in the package and its an integral part of owning an Eichler. Lipp Hydronics, Inc. has been servicing the peninsula and the Eichlers since 1961, the year our house was built, and come highly recommended.

During the initial inspection, they found a small leak that they said wasn't worth fixing unless we were doing remodeling. Additionally, the boiler needed a modification to make it more efficient. Since we most definitely are remodeling, we asked for some money in escrow from the sellers to fix the leak and upgrade the boiler and they agreed. So with the completion of the floors being up, we have Lipp out at the house today taking care of the leak and upgrading the boiler.

Best news of the day is that now that the flooring is up, Lipp was able to get much more accurate with the testing and the leak was even smaller than expected, so much they could not find one specific area needing repair, thus not warranting tearing up the concrete foundation.

The boiler upgrade is finished, the new thermostat installed and one small but important step is completed, Yay!

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