Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"The Cabinets are Coming!! The Cabinets are Coming!!"

Like Paul Revere says - the kitchen cabinets are here. Ok maybe he didn't say that, but there's a LOT of boxes and it takes up the entire dining room area!

Lorinda stopped by the house today and snapped a few pictures for the blog, I'll take more this weekend.

Baseboards are being installed. Here is an example of the office (bit of hallway too) and the baby's room.

Old panel versus new panel - Welcome to the 21st century!It's not done, but at least its in progress.

Here's the new section of roof in progress, with the curbing added for the skylight-to-be. The old flashing still has to come off and we'll prep the beam for paint just before the skylight arrives.

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