Monday, February 11, 2008

First Speedbump

Well since I was gone for a week on business, I was eagerly anticipating coming home to see a lot of progress, considering what had been laid out beforehand with the contractor. The remainder of the tiling was to be completed, along with the moving of the window into the office with new drywall and the finishing work on the 3rd bedroom, where I had sanded down the mastic that was used to hold the god-awful particle board paneling to the drywall.

Since Lorinda was having her baby shower on Saturday, I had planned to prime the 3rd bedroom and the office and touch up the baby room (the electrical work was also supposed to be done).

As you can see here, the living room is just about done, but the dining room and kitchen area weren't really touched. In addition, the master closet wasn't finished, as was the remainder of the master bedroom. The latter I can understand, as the window was removed and the opening for the new slider has yet to be framed, but I'm still unenthused with the amount that got done while I was away.

The office window was framed, but no drywall put in place. When I spoke with Lorinda earlier this week, this hadn't been done on Thursday, so its obvious they were trying to play catch up before I came down on Saturday.

Lastly, here's a photo of the master bedroom with the window removed. The open area will be enlarged and a slider will be going in. The workers could have still tiled up to the opening though...

Not pictured is the lack of work on the baby's room and on the third bedroom. There was minimal drywall work to be done to the baby's room and the electrical outlet was supposed to be fixed. Since these were not done, I couldn't really complete the room. The room was supposedly grouted as well, but it was poorly done and not anywhere near the proper grout depth.

I moved to the third bedroom, where the mastic was messily patched over in areas, not done in others and generally appeared to be a rush job. Not wanting to waste the day, I finished the sanding on the closet door jamb, knocked off the most egregious of the spackle edges which were supposed to count as matching texture (not!) and applied a coat of primer to the room since the dark blue was going to have to get two coats anyways.

I met with Liam on Sunday morning to pay an installment and schedule him to come back for touchup work next week. He also had a good solution to the mastic problem, which a knockdown spray texture rather than using spackle haphazardly.

All and all I was pretty disappointed with both the quantity of the work done, as well as the quality of the work done. I'll be talking with the contractor this week about these issues. He's supposed to have the electrician on site upgrading the panel and completing other electrical work, while he works on the kitchen area prep for the new drain location. The tiling is also supposed to be complete this week. I am expecting some progress so I can work on finishing some of the bedrooms next weekend for the three day weekend. March is coming fast and I need to have some of the rooms ready for storage so we can move in hopefully before the baby arrives.

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