Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Has anyone seen our heads?

This weekend Lorinda and I felt a bit like chickens with our heads cut off. Although it was a three day weekend, we only really had two days to work on the house. Both Saturday afternoon and evening, as well as Sunday afternoon were booked with a dinner party and baby classes respectively. That left Saturday and Monday to work on the house. We were so busy we forgot to take pictures of the progress.

Saturday was basically spent in the car.

1) First stop was the paint store to get the office color.

2) Next it was down to San Mateo to go to PC Kitchen to design our bathroom vanity. After about 90 minutes we were done - sorta. We still needed to discuss the steam generator placement to correctly position the drawers and measure the sink height so the vanity has the proper height.

3) On to Expo Design Center to pick out the materials for the master shower and bathroom. After much deliberation, we picked out a slate flooring (dark) with a light tan slate-like porcelan tile for the shower walls. It was important to use porcealin or ceramic because of the steam, as slate is just too porous and would eventually fail. We also picked out a river rock shower pan flooring like we had seen on another Eichler blog website.

4) Finally it was onto the house to unload and have a meeting with the contractor. The flooring is completely in but some areas still need to be grouted. Additionally, I have to get on my hands and knees to mark out the area where the grout is to low so it can be redone. The slider is installed and looks great and the plumbing in the kitchen is in process. The bedroom drywall and texture was also done, so we can now paint those rooms

We went over some bathroom decisions and yet again had to go over the need to upgrade the electrical to 200 amp. They have not gotten the permit for this, so I know were are going to fall behind schedule, as the kitchen cabinets (which are in) cannot be installed until after the electrical is inspected. B is not a happy camper. After the meeting, we had to high tail it over to friends house for a dinner party where we all drunk way too much wine and grappas. All except the designated driver (Lorinda) who had the patience of a saint to deal with three drunks.

Sunday came and we had to get back to SF for baby classes, but we did end up buying a kitchen sink online. We went to bed early, as Lorinda is fighting a cold and I am feeling it too. Monday is a big day.

Painting day!! We had already had most of the baby's room done, so we were mainly redoing sections and completing what had not been painted before. Lorinda tackled this while I made some repairs to the fence outside where someone had backed into it and broken a section! I still need a few replacement boards, but the missing section is two feet instead of six now. Back to painting, I got the final primer coat on the spare bedroom wall and primered the new wall in the office. Lastly we got the office painted and had to retire due to sheer exhaustion. Oh the baseboards were also delivered.

Next weekend, we'll paint the baseboards, the spare office and the hallway. If we're lucky the drywall on the master bedroom will be finished and we can paint in there as well. If all goes to plan, the contractor can install the baseboards the following week and we can move in on schedule. Granted, we will have no kitchen or master bath, but we can move in...

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