Sunday, February 3, 2008

I'm too sexy for this paint...

Well despite there needing to do some patchwork and maintenance to an electrical outlet, we decided to move forward an paint the baby's room. We'll have to touch up here and paint the closet, but the heavy lifting is done on this with this room. It's a nice shade of lavender, which will go nicely with white baby furniture. All I gotta say is it better be the girl we're expecting or else I'll be repainting again, hah!

The tiling is moving quickly now, this week we will pick up the grout so they can finish the bedrooms and office. This is the tiled office. This week the new window will be framed where the broken slider is and the master bedroon will be framed for the new sliding door where the window was. The plan is to paint the office next weekend while Lorinda has her baby shower.

Dirty hallway view

Master bedroom is almost tiled, just a little more then start on the main living area, which should go quick since it is wide open.

Here it is all waterproofed. I am in Belgium on business till Thursday night, so I'll be anxious to see what gets done while I'm gone.

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