Wednesday, February 27, 2008

'Nother no picture post

I find myself apologizing again, but we again don't have pictures this week.

Last weekend was another whirlwind, trying to get ready for the imminent move on Saturday. We finished painting the three spare bedrooms and the main hallway. There will be some touchup work to do, but its close enough to pile the boxes into these three rooms and finish over a couple of days. We'll also have a section of the living room sectioned off from the construction to place the bigger furniture while the kitchen is put in. If I'm not too sore by Sunday, I plan to paint the master bedroom as much as possible so when the bathroom and closet doors come in we can set up a proper bedroom within a week, while keeping the construction in the master bathroom separate.

Over the weekend, we met with Steven (contractor) and made some final design decisions about the master bathroom, including shower head placements and vanity design since we had purchased the sink and faucet this week. We also picked up a kitchen hood from Bel Enterprises, where we have had previous good fortune with our SF place. We also discussed electrical, as we needed to decide on outlet placement for the atrium for the future as well.

One problem we ran into was that the kitchen electrical code required us to have outlets within 48" of the water source and our design didn't call for it. We were watching HGTV's Best Kitchen show and saw this little gem from Mockett that allows an outlet to pop out from the countertop. Problem solved!!!

We also met our roofing subcontractor, who is working this week to roof over part of the atrium that will not be covered by the skylight and prepare the curbing for the Royalite skylight. I'll be ordering that in the next two weeks, along with the next section of glass from Palo Alto Glass.

That's all for now, moving day is Saturday and I'm hoping we'll only be two-three weeks without a kitchen. I promise to take more pictures of the progress once we are living in the mess, LOL.

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