Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Off the brakes

After this weekend's disappointment and the contractor's inability to be available due to sickness, the responsibility to have the meeting with the contractor today fell to Lorinda and I was on the phone. I had made up a laundry list of the items not completed and the vast number of items to be completed and Lorinda created a task calendar. Nothing like two type-A personalities rising to the top to try to gain control of a situation that could quickly spiral away from us. In the end, the contractor knew his guys were slacking and pledged to keep to the timeline. We'll see I suppose, I'm still ticked about the 3rd bedroom, especially after he told me on Friday it was ready for priming and yesterday said they weren't done and I had basically wasted my time with the first primer coat...Urrrghhh!

Anyway, progress obviously has started again, as the hole for the slider in the master bedroom is framed. According to Palo Alto Glass, it will be ready on Thursday 2/14 or Friday 2/15 for pickup and installation. It definitely brightens the room significantly, yay!

Tiling is almost done in the living room now and the opening for the relocated window is framed.

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