Friday, February 15, 2008

Shaping the Vision

We've had a busy week with the house. Liam finished touching up, had a meeting with the contractor and another with the electrician. Deliveries are stacking up and it looks like we'll be able to start installing them to make room in the garage for the items left to purchase. I ordered the replacement siding to finish the new holes we made and a door for the master bathroom from Premier Door in Los Altos. This week the Thermasol steam unit arrived and we are expecting the shower valves and heads to arrive today with the kitchen faucet. Today the sliding door will be picked up from Palo Alto Glass and installed in the master bedroom, which will facilitate the tile to be finished there too.

Monday the kitchen cabinets arrive and the new wall and pony wall is framed for the center island. The plumbing work is now being done in parallel with the electrical panel upgrade and the kitchen wiring. Here you can see the pony wall which will support the new plumbing for the kitchen sink and the wiring for the dishwasher and electrical outlets.

This is the new "narrower" wall that will hide the drain vent (temporarily removed while the sink is plumbed). From this view from the dining room side (now tiled, yay!)there will be two large pantries against the wall.

We had to plan for the upcoming reroofing and take care of a few items. This includes anything that will penetrate the roof prior to the new roof going on: electrical conduits, Kitchen hood, closing up old kitchen exhaust and old dryer vent and installing bathroom exahust fans. Although the main bathroom is the last interior space to get remodeled, we decided to avoid the water penetration problem caused by the inappropriately large and misplaced window by installing a skylight. When we catch up to the bathroom, we can tile the whole side now. Oh...and I took great pleasure in tearing off some of the 1960 wallpaper, yick...

In the meantime, the flooring is being grouted and the three back bedrooms are getting finishing work before painting. I am hopeful that I will be able to paint these rooms this long holiday weekend so we can stick to a March 1 move in date. I am doubtful this will happen, but we'll see. If we get pushed one week its not problem, but anything longer and we'll have to move in after the baby comes (groans), which means more double mortgage payments too....(double groans)

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