Sunday, March 9, 2008

Almost liveable

Remember the full guest room picture from yesterday? Well here it is today - ready for paint touch up and cleaning to setup the room.

What happened to the rest? Well... the closets are now full of kitchen boxes, the office has boxes of books, the hanging clothes are hanging and the bay's room is ready - well two outta three ain't bad. She'll be with us for a little while anyways.

Here's the office, doubling as a temporary master bedroom.

Here's the real master bedroom and how I spent the other part of the day - priming and painting the master bedroom. The main color is called victorian mauve and the red is the same venetian red we used our San Francisco house. Of course that means I ran out of the red and still need about a pint to touch up and do the trim work. The victorian mauve was a lot more purple going on than we expected, but thankfully it dried the more grey we wanted. I'm still not certain I like it, but we'll see, its only paint. It's been a looong weekend.

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