Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Guest room

Today was spent doing the touch up in the guest room, both on the walls and the ceiling. The walls were easy and done in an hour. The ceiling on the other hand was painstakingly slow, touching up a double mark that the contractor's machine made when texturing the walls. That took about another hour and a half. Afterwards, it was time to get on my hands and knees and scrub and scrub and scrub and...you guessed it...scrub some more. After about four hours total, here is the result.

I then dragged the guest bed frame in, cleaned it up and put it together. Next was the box spring and matress, followed by the end tables. All that is left to move in is the chest of drawers. Of course the closet doors will all need to be done, but that is a weekend project for far after we move in.

The slop sink was assembled today.

The master bedroom doors were FINALLY picked up and installed today.

The drain work for the washer/dryer and the slop sink were started today. We are utilizing the old kitchen sink drain rather than digging up all the concrete to find the sewage line. This was a feasible option and we will primer/paint the piping the same color as the house when we paint later this summer. After the master bathroom and washer/dryer are in, we'll finally be able to move in - just in time for Grandma Lahiff to come for a visit.

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Hendrick said...

The guest room and floors look great. I'm jealous you have a slop sink. I wish I had one at my house! I highly recommend a slop sink to anyone that can accommodate one in their garage.