Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Marching onward

Work continues, even though we are still at the hospital. The old holes in the roof where the old kitchen and dryer vent were. This will allow durafoam to come put the roof on very soon. Of course this is after they cut the hole they forgot for the new kitchen hood - ai carumba, you always have to keep an eye on the contractors.

The master shower is almost done. It's all tiled and the slate is on the floor. They were working on the pebble aggregate floor, adjusting the slope to get the shower to drain properly without a big hole in the floor. All that's left is to attach the shower heads and handles and grout the shower and floor. The we're jsut waiting for the vanity and the shower glass to come in to finish the bathroom.

We also had the exhaust fans installed in the two bathrooms. The main hall just gets a standard Nutone fan, but since we needed a light to go in the master bathroom as well, we found this designer one at Lowes for the same price as a standard Nutone with a light. It even fits the design of the bathroom to boot.

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