Sunday, March 2, 2008

Moved but not in

I know I promised pictures, but gosh darnit, I am just too pooped.

Yesterday was a looooong day. So long that even though we had to go over to the house to get some cloths and drop off the lumber to repair the fence, we had no motivation to finish painting the closets or fix the fence.

We had an early start, picking up the Penske truck by 8:30 am. lorinda had rented the biggest truck they had, a 26-footer much like the picture below.

It is defintely the biggest thing on four wheels I have driven, basically a small semi trailer. Empty, it was a handful. The alimgnment was about 90 degrees off and it bounced all over the road. To make matters worse, it had a squeeky air seat that would just about bounce my head off the ceiling with every bump.

The SF contigent consisted of myself, Nathan, Betsy, Simon and Hendrick. Lorinda was pretty much beside herself that she couldn't help and it was hard to glue her ass to a seat. Finally we parked her on a chair by the lift gate and she had a job to do...up...down...up...down, our own personal bellhop :) She also got the team lunch. It took four hours, but everything in the house is packed. We have a few miscellaneous items and the garage stuff, but that will wait for later when we have more room. Maybe two Murano-loads full, plus the motos and the wine, but that's for later.

On the Cupertino side, we added Jane, Eric, Jay and two of our contractors to the team. It only took an hour to unpack the truck. Its amazing what extra hands will do. Off to drop off the truck and feed the hungry crew.

Only problem with the whole move was that the electrician did not finish the panel upgrade and we have no power in half the house. Worse yet, the boiler is an electric ignition, so that means no heat in the house. Thus, we are staying with Nathan and Besty for at least a week.

So we trade one stress for another, but at least it will be a lot less time comuting for Lorinda, which is whats important with only three weeks left in the pregnancy.

Also the roof section was finished, so we're getting closer to the foam application.

Next week I hope the electrical will be finished. In the meantime I will get to fixing the fence, painting the closets and starting to paint the master bedroom.

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