Saturday, March 8, 2008

T-minus two weeks

Friday was Lorinda's last day at work, as baby Ollie can come at any time, but will most likely be a C-section either next week or the week after. Although we are pretty close to having the house liveable, we are staying with Nathan and Besty for probably the first two weeks.

Weekend is here and you know what that means...time to work on the house! Actually we had a bunch of errands to run this morning to get the 1850's crib fixed that UPS broke, and up to San Francisco for more errands and to load up the truck with a load of the stuff still in the garage. So we didn't actually get to the house till 3pm. On the schedule is to unpack the car and paint another coat of paint on four of the five closets. As you can see below, we really need the space to start unpacking the rooms - and this is only one of the three bedrooms (guest bedroom) that are housing our belongings.

I know I posted about it a while ago, but here is the new Blomber slider in our master bedroom, tastefully garnished with a side of Chipper-bird.

Since we are STILL waiting for the electrical subcontractor to finish the panel upgrade and wiring the kitchen, bathrooms, etc., the rest of the crew has only limited things to work on. Two of the three walls in the dining room are re-insulated and drywalled, but waiting for mud and texture. The main thrust has been in the master bathroom and getting our "spa" together. The shower is framed and plumbed and they were working on the tiling now. We were lucky we got there when we did today, as the original bench seat was only 11" wide and was supposed to be 13" wide. It doesn't sound like much, but when taking a steam, we want to be relaaaaaxed and not sitting bolt upright. As I walked in today they were tiling the bench unaltered...Urgh... Anyway's its starting to look like a shower now. The drain has to be reangled a bit since its a bit steep right now to the drain and its exactly where you would stand under the rain shower. But here it is - by the time I get Palo Alto Glass out here to do the final measurements for the windows, we'll be ready to order the shower door as well.

Tommorow's project is to start painting the master bedroom. I can only paint three of the four walls, even if I can get enough access to them. Plus one of the walls has to be primered first, so I expect this will take most of the day, especially when I have to quit for MotoGP Round One tommorow!

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