Monday, March 17, 2008


So our original plans for the washer dryer were to use the ones that came with the house until they broke, as they were almost exact replicas of the ones I grew up with in New Jersey in the 70s/80s. That plan quickly came to a halt when we found out the dryer was an electric model rather than gas. Since we were going to place the washer dryer in the garage, we ran into a problem, as there is no 220v electric in the garage and it would cost us $500 to drag it into the gagage. Add to the fact that gas dryers are less expensive to operate and we went searching for some new units.

The ones we originally liked were the Samsung Silvercare washer/dryer. But then we found out that Santa Clara stopped the $200 rebates on them and also that the Silvercare may not be good for infants. Thus the search continued...

Thanks to the lowlife scum of the earth that broke into our car at the hospital before we brought Keira home, I had to go to Best Buy to get a new GPS. While there I thought I'd actually try to get a salesperson to explain the differences between the popular washer/dryer combos. After being totally distinterested, the salesperson happened to point out a higher steam model, the LG TrueSteam Washer/Dryer that had a tiny ding and a small scratch on the front. It was on sale from $1599 to $1199, but the dryer was also electric. I asked what the best she could do on the gas combo was. Quickly she blurted out an additional 30% off the washer and 10% off the normal price of the gas dryer. I quickly agreed before she could calculate what she offered and ended up getting the washer at 50% off the normal price. Basically a much better washer/dryer at the same price as the Samsung.

Oh and we get $200 more off from Santa Clara for buying energy efficient appliances. SCORE!!!

Take a close look at these two scratch pictures. They don't affect the operation of the washer and were the equivalent of $800 discount. Pretty good deal is you ask me!

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Hendrick said...

Nice washer / dryer set! I'm coming over to do my laundry!