Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Catching up

Well its been a few weeks since I posted last, but I have very good excuses. First - NO SLEEP!!! The first few weeks were exhausting with Keira and the house, which we were not living in. Luckily, I was not back to work yet and our good friends Nathan and Betsy put up with the screaming baby for a few weeks. Second - We moved into the house, but still have no cable or Internet connection, let alone more than two bedrooms available to the three of us (Grandma Lahiff is out helping for a few weeks), no kitchen and one unremodeled, but functional bathroom. Thus I could snap some pictures, but the only way I could upload them was at work, where I was so tired I could barely get my regular job done. Thus here we are today and I'll give the full update.

Since I last wrote a lot has taken place, but has been mainly bunched in one week increments. Towards the end of March, the washer/dryer and the slop sink were finished and installed, which allowed us to move in on the very day Grandma Lahiff arrived. A few days prior, Durafoam installed the first stage of the roof. The second stage, the finishing coat will go on once the weather gets a little warmer on a consistent basis. We are currently living in the office, along with some dressers, the desk and chair, the pack-n-play bassinett for Keira and boxes. Tight fit is an understatement.

Then we were at a standstill for basically two weeks as we awaited the electrical inspection. For the most part it went well, but we had three issues that needed to be taken care of, then another inspection. A few tiles had to be chipped out in order for the inspector to check the new drain stack pipe, there needed to be a second copper ground installed running around the base of the house to the other side and a grounded outlet had to be added in the garage for the washer/dryer. It took a few days to get all that completed, but we passed the inspection the second time. He will have to come back after the kitchen is installed to inspect, so we will have another delay at the end of April before continuing on with the project.

Following the inspection, the contractors set to work on finishing up the plumbing work for the master bathroom and drywalling the kitchen and dining room. After about a week, they are mostly done and we spent a Sunday painting the kitchen, dining room and master bath. Here is the result of the dining room. The walls are a mochachino color which has a green hue to it at night, but really has a lot of brown in it as well. We'll use this color on the one wall of the atrium later as well.

The kitchen area - the white short wall is the support for the island and the water/drain line.

This is the dividing wall between the kitchen and the dining room. We are using a rich chocolate color to contrast and will use it on the opposing living room and atrium wall as well.

The bathroom vanity with the George Kovacs sconces from Lamps Plus installed and the walls painted.

Here is the vanity installed with the sink and faucet resting on top. Hopefully this week our granite piece will be ready so we can complete the bathroom (minus the shower glass and the mirror, which is due to be arrive and be installed on April 18th. The vanity is mostly cosmetic and only has 1.5 drawers available for use. The remainder of the underneath serves to hide the steam generator and associated plumbing work into the shower.

This is the tall cabinet which will serve our linen and medicinal needs. Because we enlarged the shower, the vanity area is only 3 feet wide, so we needed an alternative for bathroom storage. This closet meets our needs, with three drawers available for sundries and a number of shelves on top for linens.

Here is the master closet completed. It should have been a simple project, but it turned out to be 2 steps forward 1.5 step backwards. The original closet had the wood boards around what is pictured as the middle, but the rods ran left to right. When we changed the configuration to run longways, we added the lower wood on the right to accomodate two closet rods on the right for Lorinda. Only problem was that the space between the lower and original wood was not enough to a) put cloths on without dragging and b) put my low dresser on the left without dragging cloths as well. So we had the third rail of wood installed, which looks pretty good. That should have been it...clean up, install the rods and put some cloths away, FINALLY! Nope...when one section was nailed up, the wrong nails were used and penetrated the pocket door opening and gouging the door when it was closed. REDO, yet again!! The door was sanded, putty and painted and the last section reinstalled with the proper nails and painted. Of course that takes away from manpower to install the kitchen, URGH!!!

With the master bath largely behind us, work begins on installing the cabinets. This is the kitchen view with the hanging cabinets in place with the oven cabinet to the left and most of the island cabiniets in place. The process should only take a few days, then the appliances can come in, but we'll see.

Here is the view from the dining room. The cabinets on the left are the rest of the base kitchen cabinets and the same oven cabinet. The two tall cabinets against the wall will serve as our pantries. Can anyone say STORAGE??? I knew you could.

As a final note to this post, we still do not have cable or Internet, I just happen to be at a friends house today ahead of an afternoon meeting, so I took advantage of the bandwidth. Cable and internet had a setback, as it needed another grounded outlet for installation. That is completed, now they just need to come back out. Next post won't be as far into the future, I promise.

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