Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I wanna ROCK!!

Part of the problem with nearing the end of one stage of construction is that items become linear, and it no longer is essential for the contractors to come every day, since there's not a full day's work. Today was the first of those days, as the granite people, CR Marble and Granite, had most of our granite ready to be installed. So early this morning we trekked out to San Jose to check the work and later in the morning the island and galley slab were installed. Everything went fine with the exception that the cooktop doesnt clear the drawer below where the gas line comes in. Not a huge proplem, but the drawer will need to be modified to allow the connection to fit. Tommorow the full backsplash will be installed. Normally we wouldn't like a full backsplash, but the granite is so interesting its like looking at art and we love it (plus we had a ton of it left and it saves us the extra expense of finding and buying a separate backsplash.

So I'm expecting the contractors to be back on the job tommorow, as there are a slew of minor things that need to be completed as we near the inspection, which mush take place before May 2nd so we can move to the next stage of construction.

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