Sunday, April 13, 2008

Living space and a cold beer

So this weekend saw a tremendous amount of progress, and if all goes to plan, next week will see the kitchen, master bathroom and master bedroom done. Friday afternoon I picked up the granite for the master bathroom. I got a leftover slab and the backsplash for $135 with some bartering at Union Stone. Here it is ready for install.

A close up of the backsplash. The sink will sit on top of the granite.

Speaking of granite, we went back to Sun Marble with my Mom for a second opinion on the granite and decided on the Wild Sea It has all the colors and undertones of our kitchen and dining room. Plus the movement is so incredible. Since we need two slabs for our kitchen, we'll have a lot leftover and we'll use it on the backslplash as well since it flows so nice its almost like art.

AT&T came out and worked all day to install our Uverse cable and Internet. Little did I know they wired the house with Cat 5 wiring - sweet! Here is the bedroom wall all patched up and ready for sanding then painting. Once that's done and the granite is in the bathroom, we just need to have the glass installed, handles installed and the electricity hooked up for the steam unit.

Progress in the kitchen. The cabinets are almost all in and the refrigerator is in the house, along with the double oven, warming drawer and the dishwasher. Not hooked up completely, but a big step up from the garage. The refrigerator just needs to be hooked into the water line. With an equal push next week, the kitchen will be done. Well almost - the end panel on the island is the wrong size, so we'll be waiting a few weeks for the final piece.

The office is unpacked, but its Keira's temporary room for now. Most of the boxes are out of her real room, but they're all kitchen stuff. So next week we'll start unpacking them. Finally, we unpacked, cleaned and sealed most of the living room floor - then painted the living room wall the same chocolate color as the peninsula wall in the kitchen.

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