Monday, May 12, 2008

Ding-Ding - Demo Round 2

Ding ding ding...Round two starting right now. The second bathroom was demoed today and the quickset was poured and leveled. Good start I'd say. Tommorow I'm guessing they will just waterproof and work on the new bathtub drain.

Crawling along

Well not much has taken place since our last post, I guess that's both good and bad. There's just not a lot of picture-progress worthiness going on, but things are moving again, albiet slowly.

The kitchen is 90% done, waiting for some cosmetic finishes that will get us to 95%, then we are stuck again waiting for PGE. We've been waiting for 2 months now to get the meter and power hooked up...It's frustrating, because without the extra juice, a lot of our place does not work, like the oven for instance. Additionally, we cannot get the inspection signed off until PGE finishes, which delays us finishing the lighting in the kitchen. Hence the old Ikea lights we have temporarily installed. At least the dishwasher/microwave and cooktop work.

The skylight is in over the atrium now, but finishing work will wait till after the carport is incorporated into the garage, as its still open to the air via the front enclosure. Te two corners on the right are operable, and when the house gets hot in the summer, we'll be able to vent the hottest air out. Keeping it clean will be a challenge, but I think a healthy dose of Rain X will help once the construction is finished. We've reviewed the plans for the garage and got preliminary feedback from the city planners regarding setback. Good news is we won't have to file for a special permit, but we'll still have to wait till late June to get started on the carport once the permit is obtained. Which pushes the atrium back till August probably and a September interior finish. Oh vey!

One part of the project that is pretty close to being done is the dining room. We got this fabulous chandelier that goes with the Eichler style. All thats left in the short term is to reseal the floors. We finally found out that we needed a non-penetrating sealer to get the grout lines looking proper, so we need to reseal the whole house one room at a time. But we wont do that till the interior jobs are completed due to the constant cleaning necessary anyway.