Monday, June 2, 2008

cheesaw die been aka bathroom #2

Well bathroom number two is 95% done and we're stalled again. Part of it is our fault, as somehow we managed to order the wrong size vanity. It "fits" - but you'd have to lean waaaay left whilst on the can. Not exactly comfortable. So we're getting another vanity, due on Friday and the second bathroom will be complete.

We're stalled now because we are STILL waiting for PGE. Our upgrade was approved and now we're waiting for the crew to show up, whenever that is. I guarantee that if I withheld my bill for a month that the power would be off, where's the recourse? It is the suck, I tell you. PGE holds up kitchen inspection, which holds up kitchen lighting installation.

After a few plan revisions, our garage plans are awaiting approval with Cupertino. Which means we'll be entering the second stage of our project (garage and atrium) in a few weeks. Once approved, I'll share the plans.

Lastly, the window's for the back half of the house are finally ready and will be installed on June 16/17 - Yay!!!

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