Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Don't throw stones..

That's what they say about people in glass houses. As of today we are proud owners of new double paned, low-e glass for the back of the house, the master bathroom and the office. We can already tell the temperature difference in the house. Of course all this serves so we can more clearly see our redneck construction backyard.

The living room has a Blomberg aluminum window like our master and uses Palo Alto Glass' system for the fixed windows that have virtually no frame, preserving the authenticity of the Eichler design. Of course we still have the single pane up between the living room and the atrium and the slider to the dining room, but they will serve to keep the construction dust out when the garage and atrium projects start in two weeks. After completion, then they will come down and give us an really open floorplan.

Office window

Hallway opaque window

Standard vinyl master bathroom window

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Rambling Penelope said...

may I ask- what window supplier/make did you choose? we have some major condensation and heat loss in our flat roof eichler, first winter since we bought the 1959 fixer... I called Eichler Solutions, but trying to collect as much experienced window recommendations!