Friday, August 1, 2008

Dirtpatch 2008

It's been a while since I gave an update, mainly because not much has been done since the last post. The inside is still 99% done, as we had our inspection and promptly failed for some minor errors. Which of course holds up the lighting, which is really one of the few items left to do. We also are having the cabinet maker come onsite to look at a few cabinets, as the stain variation is just off enough on 5 cabinet doors to make it look a bit off - kind of patchwork-like.

What also held us up was the City of Cupertino, which took its sweet time reviewing and finally approving the plans for the outside garage. Work started again today and the crew set off breaking up the carport concrete. The jackhammer was in use at another site, so they started by hand with the hopes that the jackhammer would be free tommorow.

During the downtime, we interviewed gardeners and decided to start some of the work removing the vegatation. Remeber the giant overgrown junipers? Well gosh darnit, there's a house behind them. Say hello to our new and improved...dirt patch.

The back yard got the same treatment. The only plants that were saved was one bird of paradise which is getting potted and our mature orange tree. The concrete will be coming out next in the back yard as well, then we'll have another GIANT dirtptach. I can't wait for the rainy season, mudwrestling anywone?

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