Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Man Cave

Well its been three weeks since our last post and the garage construction is well underway. The garage has been framed and the single garage door has been taken down, necessitating a plywood facade for the front, but at least you can see the large increase in size. The windows above the garage have been ordered from Palo Alto Glass and will probably be here in about a month.

Here is the new entrance to the atrium. The front door was moved forward about five feet, which shortens the tunnel to the front door on both sides while maintaining a distinctive Eichler feel. There will be a sconce to the left on the outside and on the inside there will be another sconce and the original Eichler teardrop globe.

As you can see however, the redneck backyard has migrated to the front yard...

But the backyard is cleaned up - no vegetation (except the orange tree we're keeping) and no more concrete! We've decided to rebuild a proper retaining wall in the back, as the old one is rotted and not holding much of anything up. The new wall be serpentine and hold some more fruit trees, a couple of Japanese maples and a veggie garden. Hopefully the construction of the reatining wall will begin in the next few weeks. I will also be digging a trench so the gas line can be extended both into the fireplace and into the backyard to supply a future BBQ and maybe a firepit.

The inside of the atrium looses some space where the plants were previously at the expense of the larger garage. Here you can see it is drywalled and ready for tape and mud. The opening is for the new door to the garage, which will be a fire door instead of the tinderbox door currently in the dining room.

Now the garage from the other side. The old door will be walled up. The insulation is in on most walls, as is the new electrical work. Next up is the drywall.

You can see here that the carport cement is still jackhammered, the reason being is that we uncovered the original return pipe from the hot water heater was crushed under the concrete, leading us to believe that it is the source for semi-poor hot water pressure. So we're trying to see how far it goes. We may have to jackhammer further out to the hot water heater to replace the pipe before concreting over the garage and epoxying the floor. They need to get a move on and at least concrete the front of the garage, as the new garage door is due to be installed next Wednesday.

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