Sunday, September 7, 2008

Man cave continued + landscaping

Garage work continues, the old tinderbox of to the garage door has been walled up, as the new garage door is relocated to the atrium area. We'll wait to paint, as there is sure to be more mess made when the old single pane windows and sliders are removed.

Drywall and insulation in the garage is just about done, one wall remaining - but of course this means lets move on to something else and not finish (insert sracasm). Apparently its more important to prep for the garage concrete and the atrium foundation than to finish minor details. I shouldn't be surprised though, the inside is still has minor things being done and redone when done wrong.

Subcontractors ROCK!!! The garage people showed up on time (7am!!) and had the garage door assembled and working in 2 hours, wow!!

Thank god for little things. After three tries, we passed the city inspection, which means they can work on some of the little finishing details inside. The dishwasher vent (unneeded) is replaced with a soap pump.

...and the pendant lights are in - sorta.. We chose a line-voltage pendant to avoid the low-voltage magnetic transformer issue. Only problem is that the two side pendant wires have to run along the ceiling and the contractor didn't think to buy the wire hiding conduit. More finishing work for B&L we suppose.

Lastly, the other subcontractors - the landscapers are ready to start the retaining wall in the back yard and the wall blocks were delivered on Friday.

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