Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Atriumus completus

Atrium - In modern architecture, an atrium is a large open space having a glazed roof and/or large windows. I think this qualifies :)

We spent the better part of the last two evenings painting the trim, support posts and garage entry door in preparation for our appraisal (to refinance not sell). We did not get to the front door, but it looks ok in bare wood and we'll get to painting it this weekend.

Lots of space in here! We "staged" what little furniture we hace for the space, but we'll need to recover a bit before furnishing, especially if we want the outside hardscape in before the winter rains.

After the glass came down, we were able to install a fan - which of course means it will stay cool for the rest of the year. It is reversible though, so it will help push the warm air down in the winter.

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