Sunday, May 3, 2009

Well its raining off and on this weekend so there's not much we can do as far as working on the house. Even the inside projects require being outside, so its a bit of a break for us this weekend. Here is the privacy lattice I built last weekend. Can't stain it though, maybe next week when the weather improves.

What I could do is hang the rain chains we've procured during a break in the showers. In case you're wondering, Japanese rain chains enable water to fall off the downspouts and cascade down a series of buckets. In addition to the show it puts on, it also softens the splashing from heavy downpours. They come in copper and are supposed to patina over time.

We have three of the five chains we'll need, but the other two will have to be done as we complete the irrigation because I still have to dig and put two more drain lines in.

Here is the rain chain for the front of the house. This is a bucket style and is a bit masculine, fitting with the address fence nicely I think.

The two rain chains in the back fit between the sloped portion of the roof and the flat portion of the roof. Because they are so close together, we thought it best to use the same style. Plus these are visible from the living room and serve to help separate the space between the main patio and the smaller patio outside our master bedroom. They are a petal flower style.