Sunday, August 14, 2011

A little tax return spending...

The updates seems to about once a year now, as most of the major house changes are done. There a few projects still lurking, but we've been down to doing one major project a year as money allows.
This year is no different. After unsuccessfully trying to make the original Shoji doors look good, we gave up. We tried staining and texturing with grass-type of wall paper but they just never looked right - especially with the bottoms cut off to accommodate the leveled floor.
So we made the decision to replace all the closet doors with panel doors that match the rest of our interior doors.
Here is the stack of unaltered Shoji doors. It's a damn shame we couldn't get them to look nice again, but oh well...

And here are the new ones. We used Premier Doors in Los Altos again. Surprisingly, they were the same cost as ordering special order from Lowes or Home Depot (these are some taaaaall doors), but also included installation - SCORE!

Here are the hallway doors. I will miss the old ones clanging back and forth every time I walk down the hall - NOT!! :)

Here are the office doors.

The guest bedroom doors, with the same entrance door for reference.

And finally Keira's bedroom doors with the required model.

That's all for now. I know there will be at least one more update for 2011, so stay tuned...